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2018 Race Schedule and Fees
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North East Federation Release
June 16th, 2019
A07 Temiscaming: 6:15 AM
Coordinates: Same as the previous Temiscaming
Race secretarie: Please use Temiscaming for the station and A07_Temiscaming for the race.......................

Oshawa Strike Off: Sunday June 16th at 7:00 pm

2019 Oshawa Gold Bond Race
Printable OGB Flyer/Rules

2019 Oshawa Annual YB Auction Race
Englehart Sep 7th 2019
Printable Auction Race Participants & Payout
Printable Auction Race Flyer/Rules

2019 Canadian YB Extravaganza
Printable Canadian YB Extravaganza Race Flyer/Rules

CHAZEL Approx Distance

Old Birds Open - June 22nd 2019
2019 NEF "Smooth Rock Classic" Race

2019 "Yearling Classic" Race
Val-Paradis, June 8th 2019

Yearling Classing Participants & Payout

September 28th, 2019

Please Note: In order to reduce costs and
speed up the process,the race results will
be posted on this website
and no longer
will be mailed to each participant

Authier Approx Distance

The Oshawa General Racing Pigeon Club would
like to congratulate all the winners and thank all participants, especially those who have
the OGB Race regularly over the past years.

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